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About Biovista


Biovista Bangladesh Ltd. is an emerging biotech company. We have business innovation teams, based in Bangladesh and overseas, who are continuously engaged in exploring current and future demands of the local market. The dedicated distribution network of the company is spread all over the country and has the capability of reaching any corner of Bangladesh within a day. The mission of the company is to offer "something more" than just selling the equipments or reagents to the end user. The support team of Biovista is innovative, well trained and fully capable of providing all sort of technical supports to its customers. The overseas team based in Europe, Australia and Canada is in continuous hunt for new technologies in the field of diagnostics and health care in general. Our local and overseas team members frequently travel to/from Bangladesh to complement the venture of the local business innovation team in addition to day to day contact. We have a dedicated commercial team who has minimum of 10 years of long experiences in banking, finance, local customs and import regulation and kept company’s financial standing in good shape which enables us to quickly decide and buy new products (without depending on end users' finance). The total activities of the company are blessed with a multidisciplinary and experienced logistic team that placed us in a superb and unique position to conduct an even flow of the supply and demand, eventually offering a complete value chain.



Our knowledge and expertise are our strength. We have solid academic background in diverse areas including chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, immunology and instrumentation. We have great entrance to the end user of diagnostic, hospital and research organizations through chemists, biochemists and pharmacists working all over Bangladesh. So we are at the door of our customers whenever needed. Biovista is the only company in Bangladesh which is capable of delivering customers with premium quality of products and services.



Our weakness is that we do not compromise with the quality of our products that we deliver to our customers. We take the advantage of our academic knowledge and expertise to check the quality of every out-sourced equipments and reagents before we deliver it to our customers.

Our Speciality

  •  Drinking water: Generation of drinking water quality water for total use residential apartment blocks, hotels, offices and restaurants
  •  Purification of pool water
  •  Waste water treatment for all industries (special focus on textile industries)
  •  Disinfection: for pharmaceutical, food industries (sugar disinfection)


  • 207/A, Begum Rokeya Saroni,
    West Kafrul, Mirpur,
    Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh
  • Mobile:+8801552355031
    Tel: 88 028142365
  • Email: info@biovistabd.com


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