Our Achievements

Few of our major achievements are, however, not limited to:

  • BBL is proud to announce the development, delivery of a fully automated analysis system for Enoxaparin Sodium to Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd in 2011 and coupe of others in the pipe line.
  • Biovista Biologics Ltd has already secured the contract for the process development and production for blood products for Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • BBL also has got the orders for the supply and installation of portable generation at 60M3/hr from Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd with our technical knowhow for water purification and engineering knowledge from our partners.
  • BBL Waters has successfully developed and demonstrated a simple solution for the production of drinking water quality water for the total consumption for apartment blocks, hotels, office blocks etc. Several commercial units are in the pipe line.
  • Biovista ETP services secured contract from Persues Limited for the recycling of waste water generated from their dying plants (5000M3/day) on zero- discharge and least chemical usage basis.



Biovista Bangladesh Ltd, an emerging biotech company with enormous experiences in health industry, deals with import, export, wholesale, consultancy and distribution of equipments, clinical laboratory reagents, instruments, pharmaceutical raw materials, medical consumables and disposables.



Our Speciality

  •  Drinking water: Generation of drinking water quality water for total use residential apartment blocks, hotels, offices and restaurants
  •  Purification of pool water
  •  Waste water treatment for all industries (special focus on textile industries)
  •  Disinfection: for pharmaceutical, food industries (sugar disinfection)


  • 207/A, Begum Rokeya Saroni,
    West Kafrul, Mirpur,
    Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh
  • Mobile:+8801552355031
    Tel: 88 028142365
  • Email: info@biovistabd.com


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