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Water Technologies


As the longest serving Industrial UV water treatment company with 90 years of continuous development of UV Science and technology Hanovia is the reliable choice for UV water treatment. Hanovia understands our customers’ requirements and delivers market-aligned, trusted UV solutions engineered to the highest standards and proven through an installed base of over 5000 systems worldwide. With 90 years UV experience Hanovia is always ready to help and we pride ourselves on our world class technical and service support, our ‘UVCare’, which is available wherever you are around the World.

Hanovia UV provides chemical-free disinfection; bio-security for water in every process; optimized UV lamp technology for targeted performance; destruction of chlorine protects your water treatment process


Dryden Aqua

Dryden Aqua is a Scottish based marine biological company established in 1980 specializing in water quality and innovative treatment technology. Our unique knowledge combination and detailed understanding of the biological as well as the physio-chemical reactions has enabled us to develop and manufacture a highly innovative range of product systems such as AFM® Activated Filter Media, Active poly Floc (APF), Zeta potential Mixer (ZPM), DryOx etc.

Main applications for our solutions include pre-treatment for RO, removal of heavy metals and priority substances, removal of THM's in drinking water, swimming pool water treatment or tertiary treatment of effluent.


Culligan, Italy

With over 75 years experience as an international source of complete end-to-end water treatment solutions, Culligan has established itself as a valuable partner for a variety of industries including Pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, oil and gas, energy and power, healthcare/hospitals/bio pharmaceutical, manufacturing and municipal drinking water.  Whether it is high-purity water used in medical operations or water required for use in oil field stream injection—Culligan provides solutions that meet the specific needs of commercial customers with a custom approach through on-site surveys, analysis and service.


Litree Purifying Technology Co., Ltd, China

Litree Purifying Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company integrating the research, manufacture, sales and service of ultra-filtration membrane treatment technology. Litree is on the cutting edge of technological innovation, with eighteen patents for ultra-filtration membrane and purifying equipment.

Litree products are used widely in areas such as: municipal water supply, production water processing, sewage processing and recycling, urban home drinking water purification, rural water improvement, and public drinking water.

Litree ultrafiltration equipment features: small size, high quality water, and low maintenance requirements. This helps to overcome common problems in rural areas: scattered population, poor sanitation, etc. which will greatly facilitate the promotion of rural water improvement projects.


Laboratory Solutions, Diagnostic Instruments

Behnk Electronik GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Behnk Elektronik (BE) has been very successfully developing systems for coagulation analyses for over 30 years. BE develops automated and semi-automated instruments for exactly this purpose. The instruments are used for the pharma & Diagnostics laboratories.


Laboratory Solutions, Diagonostics Kits & Reagents

Quimica Clinica Aplicada (QCA), Spain

QCA is a Spanish manufacturer of IVD reagents.  Since 1969 we’ve been developing our activities in several fields of human diagnostics:

Clinical Chemistry Laboratories: Reagents for Biochemistry, Immunology, Haemostasia, and the   distribution and service of auto analyzers.

Microbiology Laboratories: Ready-to-use stains for Bacteriology; Gram staining, Ziehl-Neelsen, Fluorescent


Histopathology & Hematology Laboratories: Papanicolaou technique stains, Giemsa, May – Grünwald, Wright and 3-steps fast hematology staining (Quick Panoptic)

Water testing Laboratories: Kits for testing Chlorine in water.


Sekisui Diagnostics, USA

Sekisui Diagnostics, a global diagnostics company and sister company of SMD, is committed to improving patient’s lives by providing innovative medical diagnostics to physicians and laboratories through a global commercial network. Product lines include clinical chemistry and coagulation systems, reagents, infectious disease testing and rapid test kits, as well as enzymes and specialty bio-chemicals.


Laboratory Solutions

Awel International, France

As a producer and supplier Awel international provides the products for pharma-cosmetic industry, food industry, biological research and clinical biology.


Fire Extinguishing & Suppression Tools is a leading manufacturer of highly innovative aerosol generators, which can be used for fire extinguishing and suppression purposes. Our products are used all over the world by governments, fire fighters, first responders and various industries. The another product of DSPA is fire retardant coating on steel structures. strives to provide exceptional value to our customers with an intense focus on quality, reliability, service and innovative product development.


Istochnik Plus

Istochnik Plus is one of the leaders in designing and manufacturing of powder fire-extinguishing modules (TUNGUS) and generator of gas fire extinguishing (GGFE). TUNGUS® exceed Russian and foreign analogs in efficiency, reliability and operational features. They can extinguish the seats of fire in any module space orientation. Firefighting powder ISTO-1 developed at the enterprise has high performance and a 10 year warranty working life. GGFE is purposed for automatical and autonomous suppression in volume of fire sites class A (solid substances), B (liquid substances), and E (electrical equipment under tension).



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