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Biovista Bangladesh Limited is proud to establish a fully automated bio-assay for Enoxaprin Sodium according to USP and EP protocol. The protocol is innovative, highly precise, reproducible and first of its type. We are pleased to deliver the first package to Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. The protocol has been well demonstrated to the experienced Chemists and Biochemists in the QC department of Square Pharmaceutical. They expressed their high satisfaction.

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There is a continuous and growing demand of therapeutics, health related goods, diagnostics and equipments in Bangladesh, a highly dense and populated country. Biovista Bangladesh Ltd, an emerging biotech company with enormous experiences in health industry, deals with import, export, wholesale, consultancy and distribution of equipments, clinical laboratory reagents, instruments, pharmaceutical raw materials, medical consumables and disposables. Our company is run by a bunch of highly educated, qualified, skilled and self-motivated young biochemists having national and international experiences in various fields including analytical chemistry, clinical biochemistry, molecular biology, synthetic chemistry, bio-instruments and nano-Technology. We provide our customers with premium quality of products with free training and full technical support.