Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh info@biovista.com
Office Hour : 10:00am - 6:00pm
Biovista Bangladesh Ltd (BBL) was founded in 2009 by a group of enthusiastic young scientists or science graduates. For over 15 years we have designed and developed instrumentation and scientific methods that are being used by major pharmaceutical industries, diagnostic and hospitals, and food and beverage industries in Bangladesh.

We are a private biotechnology company with the main office in Dhaka, Bangladesh, along with overseas offices in the Netherlands, and Australia. Our multi-national team has diverse academic backgrounds, including analytical chemistry, clinical biochemistry, molecular biology, synthetic chemistry, biochemistry, immunology, bioinstrumentation, and nanotechnology, and is on a continuous hunt for new technologies for end users in Bangladesh.

Our major products provide unique solutions for purifying water for household and industry uses. To date, we have supplied and installed portable generation and water disinfection UV systems to the top 15 Pharmaceutical companies including Beacon Pharmaceuticals Ltd. We are the only company in Bangladesh that develops and delivers a fully automated potency analysis system for Enoxaparin Sodium, Heparin Sodium, and Streptokinase. To date, we successfully delivered these technology platforms to the top 13 Pharmaceuticals in Bangladesh including Incepta, Square and Beximco. We provide a successful and reliable growth platform for our customers, suppliers, and team. We sell the best quality products (e.g., water filtration systems, medical devices, and reagents) and give the best customer service, supported by highly trained professionals (Biologists, Chemists, Engineers, and Technicians, etc) working throughout the country anytime our customers need assistance.